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Protect Your Home From Foreclosure

Protect Your Home from Foreclosure

The Impact of COVID-19 has affected homeowners across the country.  The loss of jobs and reduced working hours has resulted in a financial emergency for many American families.  If you

Its All About The Inventory

We recently released out Local Market Watch Reports and while there are many things to be happy about (rising prices, lower foreclosure rates, etc.), we now have an inventory problem.

The Pros and Cons of Buying Foreclosure Property

If you’re a buyer in the real estate market right now you’ve already discovered that it is almost impossible to avoid properties in foreclosure. There are an abundance of short

Riding The Third Wave of Foreclosures

You’ve probably heard about the two waves of foreclosures that we have already experienced. The first wave was tied to a high number of subprime loans that reset or adjusted,

Are Loan Modifications Working?

Mortgage Metrics Report Last March the Obama administration announced the Making Homes Affordable (MHA) program to help as many as 9 million households struggling with their mortgage payments, primarily utilizing

The US Government and Short Sales

When the Obama administration announced recently that they were expanding their housing rescue plan to include incentives for banks to approve short sales, they were applauded for their actions and

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