Volunteers to Help the Whales Still Needed

Author: Rich Barnhart

Author: Rich Barnhart

First of all, thank you so much to those of you who donated supplies to the Marine Mammal Conservancy. The volunteers at the Conservancy were so grateful when I delivered them on Saturday. What a wonderful group of people! I’ll be going back Wednesday night if anyone would like to drop off more supplies at our office – see the updated list below. Also, if you’d like to volunteer and ride along with me, I’ll be leaving Fort Lauderdale at 9:30 PM for a midnight shift with the whales and returning home after my shift at 4:00 AM. Back in time for work Thursday morning! Volunteers are still needed, especially for the night shifts.

Here is a link to a webcam at the conservancy if you’re interested. It is hard to see the whales, but you can see the beautiful setting and the volunteers hard at work…



Marine Mammal Conservancy
Updated supplies list:

  • Cash donations
  • Plastic chairs
  • Plastic organization bins
  • Bottled water
  • Soda and Gatorade
  • Gallon jugs of purified water
  • Extra fine sharpies
  • Green and Red glow sticks
  • 70% isopropyl alcohol
  • Providone iodine
  • Wetsuit coat hangars
  • Kitchen timer
  • Swim noodles
  • Large laundry baskets
  • Light microscope
  • Liquid body soap
  • Cordless telephone
  • Hot dogs
  • Laundry detergent
  • 14 inch or longer zip ties


Blog Author:

Rich Barnhart

Rich is the broker and owner of By The Sea Realty and a frequent contributor to the company's real estate blog.

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