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Author: Hanna Brethower

Spring is here

Hello again! In many climates spring is a time of thawing ground, extra rains, blooming flowers, and a sense of freshness in the air. As flowers bloom it reminds me of the magic of new beginnings. In the spirit of all things green and sprouting new ideas, read on to learn more about how fresh new daily habits can greatly enhance your life, save money, and help our wonderful planet.

Thinking GREEN

The GREEN Designation is an opportunity for members of the National Association of Realtors (NAR) to deepen their knowledge of resource-efficient homes, green lifestyles, and the issues of energy efficiency in real estate. Keen on this subject, I recently completed the GREEN Designation course. Learning about resource efficiency, sustainability, and energy performance of residential properties helps me to understand and market properties with green features and to better serve my clients in seeking energy-saving solutions to their existing and/or new homes.

Green Real Estate Designation
Learn proper recycling practices

While completing my GREEN designation, something that resonated with me was that it’s not just the eco-friendly features of a home that make a difference. Human behavior in the home is equally important. Adjusting our mindset takes effort rooted in a desire to grow and change. Green features with green behaviors can not only save money and energy but also enhance the comfort of our lifestyle.

We collectively know that changes for a healthier planet are due. The writing has been on the wall for decades as scientists and biologists have been advocating for a shift in our treatment of the planet. The issues feel big and we may feel that our individual impact is small.  A friend once told me, “The best way to move a mountain is one scoop at a time.” Also, there is the ripple effect to consider; that one person’s behavior may influence the behavior of others. The technology we hold in our hands is a powerful tool for sharing our knowledge, supporting each other and telling our stories of sustainable living. 

Seeds for thought

The embodied energy of a product is the total energy used to create something from beginning to end. What is the embodied energy of every product you use daily? How does it affect the earth? Below I’ve listed some eco-friendly habits that if implemented consistently can positively impact us all:

Buy Local
Buy local and use reusable grocery bags
  • Buy a house plant
  • Walk or bike to your destination when possible
  • Pick up trash at the beach
  • Buy local when available
  • Reduce plastic consumption
  • Use reusable grocery bags
  • Look for DIY cleaning solutions and eco-friendly detergents
  • Educate yourself on proper recycling practices
  • Unplug electrical devices that are not being used
  • Use smart home features and apps to save energy

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Casamar Smart Home Pompano Beach
Casamar, Pompano Beach, FL

Keep Growing

Eco-friendly decisions are sometimes limited by availability and knowledge. I like the approach of “quick wins.” Meaning, what is something I can do for the greater good of all that doesn’t take much time or excessive effort? Invite yourself to take a moment and consider your quick wins for a greener home and eco-conscious living. You might notice that as the quick wins are implemented, further eco-conscious decisions feel more approachable. Give yourself time to grow. Enjoy the freshness and creativity of new habits that save energy and money while helping the earth. Together we can cultivate more mindful living for a healthier planet.

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