Buying a Waterfront Condo

A large percentage of our waterfront property in South Florida is in condominiums on the ocean, Intracoastal Waterway and inland waterways. We have every type of condo you can imagine, with every possible amenity and with a variety of different locations and views. This buyer’s guide is designed to help you decide what options are best for you.


Our waterfront in South Florida is expansive and offers every type of waterfront location, water access and view you can imagine.

The majority of the condo buildings in South Florida are “on the sand” which means you are directly on the ocean and can access the beach directly from your unit without crossing a street or going through a public access. Most of these buildings have private oceanfront pools, showers and restroom facilities, and some even have restaurants, cabana service and other services available beach-side. If you plan to spend a lot of time at the beach and you enjoy access to these amenities then an oceanfront condo location may be the right choice for you.

Oceanfront views are another reason buyers like these buildings, but not all ocean views are equal. Direct ocean views are typically on the East side of the building and provide views to the North, East and South along the beach without obstruction.

Intracoastal Waterway and Bayfront
There is also a large number of condo buildings located on our inland waterways including the Intracoastal Waterway (ICW) and large bays like Biscayne Bay in Miami. These locations offer big views of our larger waterways and units on the upper floors may even enjoy ocean and city views as well.

Condos For Boaters
The inland canal locations are popular with boaters and those who desire a more serene and private waterfront view. South Florida, especially Fort Lauderdale, has an intricate waterway system of rivers and canals that offer protected locations for boaters. Many of these canals have deep water and provide direct ocean access.


South Florida condos offer every possible amenity you can imagine. Keep in mind that amenities cost money, so the more amenities a a condo offers, the higher the maintenance fees are. Amenities may include security, pool service, concierge, covered parking, gyms, spas and other resort style services. If ameneties are not important to you, then perhaps you should consider buildings that offer bare minimums. Most buildings include things like exterior insurance and ground maintenance in their fees.

Floor Location and Views

Every building is different regarding the location of the units and how it affects their value. Generally speaking however, the higher the floor, the higher the value. Keep in mind that there is a “sweet spot” in every building where the views are the best. The middle floors are the most popular, but the upper floors have a status that demands a higher price, especially on the penthouse levels. Penthouses tend to have a “postcard” view, where the mid floors offer more of a “cruise ship” view. Some lower level units even have very desirable garden or tropical views. Everyone has their personal preference.

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