7 Ways To Stay Balanced During a Move

Picture of Author: Kristen Eckblad

Author: Kristen Eckblad

Buying, Selling and Moving With Less Stress

An aspect of the buying/selling process that we often resist and put off is the actual packing and moving of things. Who enjoys moving? I’m not sure I’ve met anyone yet who would give this question a whole-hearted “yes.” We may be excited to move but the thought of packing is daunting. 2022 might be your year to buy and/or sell. Don’t let the thought of moving hold you back. 

Stress Free Moving Tips
Moving doesn’t have to be stressful

Moving almost every year of my 20’s, I progressively whittled down my belongings and packed lighter and lighter each time. The goal was not to get rid of all my belongings, but sort through and determine what I really needed and keep what’s important to me. As I’ve helped friends and family move, I’ve noticed we feel more mentally worn out by the move than physically. Moving in any capacity is a process.

Most of us have at least one drawer or closet full of random stuff. I speculate we didn’t know where else to put things nor did we want to figure it out. Perhaps we thought an item may come in handy for something one day, or maybe we were simply tired of looking at the thing and tucked it away out of sight. 

  • That drawer or closet stays closed. 
  • If we move, we are faced with going through it. 
  • Gulp.
  • Easier said than done.

Moving in general shifts a lot of energy. Places, items, and experiences hold memories that we are consciously and unconsciously attached to. When we purge and pack up our lives to move to a new home and let go of our current home, it’s a lot to process. Add the financial considerations into the mix and some powerful emotions and experiences can unfold. Below I’ve shared 7 techniques to help us all come back to ourselves as we grow through the moving aspect of the buying/selling process together. 

7 tips and tools to help reduce stressful moments as we pack and plan in the buying/selling process:


Close your eyes and inhale deeply and slowly, then exhale just as slowly and completely. Allow space for the natural pause after your exhale. Do 3 rounds of this breath and allow your head, neck, and shoulders to soften on each exhale. 

Adjust your focus

Think of how you would like your move to go. How would you like the purchase/sale transaction to go. It’s easy to get wrapped up in all the moving parts and pieces of it. Realign yourself and try to focus on what you’re able to control: your efforts and your responses.

Moving Without Stress
Moving can be fun. Try some of our tips to reduce stress during your move.

Talk about it

Sometimes verbalizing what we are experiencing can help us process it. Have a chat with friends, family, your realtor, your pet, your plants, or whoever you feel comfortable with and let it out.

Find answers

Worrying about the unknowns can send our brains on a quick loop to nowhere. Gaining knowledge can help eliminate speculation. Let your Realtor be a resource and guide for you. If you have any questions about the process, don’t hesitate to reach out. We are here for you.


Place your bare feet on some grass, dirt, or the beach. (Don’t knock it before you try it.)

Move your body

Go for a walk or do your favorite physical activity. Exercising our bodies and engaging in our favorite hobbies releases those good endorphins that can help us feel better. When we feel better, we tend to see things in a different light and make better decisions.

Enjoy the magic of music

Play your favorite song(s), surrender to the radio, put on some binaural beats, rock out to the heavy metal, whatever is calling you. The science behind music is extensive and I’ll let you dig into it for yourself. Essentially, there are many wonderful reasons to include music in your daily life. Play away!

These are a few things that I’ve found helpful in my moves and I hope they’re useful for you too. As we plan and pack, may we sharpen our tetris-ninja-packing skills and embrace our challenges rather than avoid them. Here’s to supporting each other in this new year and always. What keeps you balanced when you’re moving?

Pro tips

  • When packing up your house, determine what you’ll use the most for the next 30 days from the kitchen to clothes and toiletries. Keep those items out, and then start packing up everything else.
  • Consider hiring a moving company and add the expense into your closing cost calculations.
  • Don’t wait until the day before closing to start packing 😊

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