Kitesurfing in South Florida

Author: Paul Bilodeau

Author: Paul Bilodeau

My Favorite Kitesurfing Spots in Southeast Florida

As a backstory, I was an avid windsurfer for over 35 years and at the ripe age of 50 I decided to sell my gear and transition to kitesurfing. In the last fifteen years I have kited in a number of locations on the East and West coasts of Florida. In this post I will discuss some of my favorite kitesurfing spots on Florida’s southeast coast, from Delray Beach south to the Florida Keys.

Realtor Paul Bilodeau kitesurfing in South Florida

Delray Beach

I personally love Delray Beach for a lot of reasons. Kitesurfing here is not congested and I have found other riders to be very helpful and social. It’s is definitely a friendly place to go kiting.

Delray is not a shore break which makes launching in south winds while heading east fairly easy. There is a wide beach here which is usually not crowded. Just south of the Seagate Beach Club is a great place to self launch and land if need be. The waves are nicely spaced out and the water changes to a deep blue hue as you go past the swim buoys.

Boca Raton

Boca has a nice uncrowded beach maybe due to the steep parking fares at Spanish River Park. There are mostly locals with parking passes that kite there. If you arrive early enough and plan to stay for just a few hours it is cheaper to grab a meter at South Beach Park Pavilion. This is definitely more of a shore break beach.

Deerfield Beach

The best place to launch in Deerfield Beach is at 31st Street. Anything further south is a “No Go”. Here you will find beautiful water and nice surfing type waves (no shore break). However, parking is an issue here. You will need to walk your gear for a while if you park near the pier where most of the lots are.

Pompano Beach

The best spot in Pompano is at 16th Street, but there are larger crowds and a tiny launching area. This is a good destination for due east winds but it has a nasty shore break. You will need to body drag out of the break to have a safe launch. North winds are not good here since the Inlet can create quite a bit of turbulence.


The public access at Washingtonia Park north of Anglins Pier is my go to for an afternoon session. It is close to my office and home. Strong easterlies give a smashing shore break and I would not recommend this spot to beginners on a due east breeze. There are quite a few sunbathers on this beach so be careful with your kite flying over their heads. Due south and north winds are epic here. The water gets kind of flat and the small waves are fun to play around in.

Dania Beach

North of the Dania Beach Pier is by far my favorite destination for due east winds. However, the launching area is very small and the beach is fairly busy. Parking is plentiful and secure here.

The ocean floor in Dania has a slow steady incline. This provides waves that start breaking a long ways out and also creates large flat water riding areas between the sets. I love easterlies here since there are no tall buildings from the pier to Port Everglades, so the airflow is unbroken.

Key Biscayne

Crandon Park in Key Biscayne is a great kiting spot, but it is a highly regulated beach and I would not venture there without first placing a call to the park officials. The conditions here are typical of what you’d expect in the Keys with tons of flat water. There is also plenty of parking and concessions at the beach.

Marathon, Florida Keys

Curry Hammock in Marathon is an excellent east to southeast kitesurfing spot with great flatwater, a grassy set up and nice launch area. When it is on you’d better wake up early as it gets really busy with kiters from both coasts.

I was the first kiter out once, and I’ve never seen so many sharks, rays, and fish scurrying for their lives as I was tearing across butter smooth water. This spot is worth the trip and a must for any serious kiter. Please talk to the locals and ask for the local rules.


No matter where you kitesurf in South Florida, please respect the locals and stay clear of the swimmers and sunbathers. Kitesurfing is a majestic and exciting sport that most non-kiters find fun to watch. Please be respective of the others we share the ocean with and keep it it friendly. Most importantly, be safe and follow basic etiquette guidelines.

If you have questions or need advice about kitesurfing in South Florida please don’t be afraid to reach out to me. Happy kiting!

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