Protect Your Home from Foreclosure

Author: Susan Warner

Author: Susan Warner

The Impact of COVID-19 has affected homeowners across the country.  The loss of jobs and reduced working hours has resulted in a financial emergency for many American families.  If you are a homeowner who is struggling to pay your mortgage it’s important that you act quickly and contact your lender for options.

Reach out to your lender or servicer first to avoid scams.  Loan modification, repayment plans, forbearance or reinstatement payments could be options for you.  Your lender doesn’t want you to go into foreclosure.  Many are working hard to assist homeowners during this unprecedented public health crisis.

Protect Your Home From Foreclosure
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Don’t wait until you fall behind.  Taking action before you get behind can help you and your lender come up with a plan that could save your home.  Remember you have options.

Download the By The Sea Realty “Protect Your Investment Booklet” for information on the different options you may have.

Download the Protect Your Investment Booklet


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