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Landings Bay Colony Condos

Northeast Fort Lauderdale Condo Market

The Landings and Bay Colony The Landings and Bay Colony neighborhoods are a hidden gem in Northeast Fort Lauderdale. One of the great things about these neighborhoods is that they provide

What Is Your Property Really Worth?

It is that time of year again when the property appraiser sends us our TRIM notices with our proposed property taxes.  Pay close attention to your Just Value as determined

The Landings 2015 Real Estate Outlook

If you are an owner of real estate (or planning to buy soon) in the Landings or Bay Colony neighborhoods of Fort Lauderdale then you have plenty to be happy

2014 Fort Lauderdale Boat Show

Timing the Real Estate Market

I wrote this article for our local Landings and Bay Colony magazine. Before you get too excited let me be perfectly clear – I don’t have a crystal ball. I

Home Improvements That Pay Off

This article was written for the July 2014 Landings / Bay Colony Magazine… As a real estate professional I often get asked about which home improvements really “pay off”. This

Waterfront Property for All Boaters

I wrote the following column for my local neighborhood magazine The Landings & Bay Colony. We are fortunate to live in a very unique part of Fort Lauderdale with housing

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